Saturday, May 07, 2005

Out for the count of three...ten?

I'm still sleeping. Cold meds and steamy showers and anything else I can do to not cough. Because, ouch.... Between lying here watching SpongeBob and Firefly, I've been updating my portfolio. I'm thinking I didn't show you Toy Conflict, which is also in the collection of Roland and Robert and which has been nominated for a Chesley award. I used this image for last year's holiday cards and enclosed a copy of the "Cowboy Neil" story, entitled First Incident Concerning the Influence of Neil, the anagram of which I think most people missed. The story was in the Fiddler's Green Program Book (which is beautifully done) and if you missed it, is in the archives. cough cough.


Anonymous said...

This is very cool. I wish I could see it in more detail.
I notice quite a lot of the puzzle pieces in your work. I want to ask but am in the process of letting the art speak for itself, so I'll hold off right now.
Feel better.

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

LOL. I can't believe missed the anagram but I LOVED the story. I think I will go turn the puppet grinder on Toy conflict. Their little shrieks are horrible, but somehow compelling :P

Anyway the photos of this piece are awesome but you miss many of the tiny details like the puppets, harlequins, monsters, gargoyles, playschool little people (armed with pikes no less), and even a couple of birdies preparing for battle. The grinder I referred to is positioned on top in the saddle area and there is a stream of tiny puppets lined up to be ground into bomb materials, one would presume.

Feel better right now Lisa! That's an order! /hug

Craig Steffen said...

So you say there's an anagram for the phrase "First Incident Concerning the Influence of Neil"?

Um...any hints? I just ran the phrase through an anagram generator. It can come up with many hundreds of thousands of combinations.

I tried to come up with words to help it along, but I really can't find any that really work. "Neil" is already in the phrase. "Gaiman", "Sandman", "Dream King" all can't be in there because there's no "a", same for "Lisa" and "Clark".

"jester", "sculpture", "wish", "cowboy" can't be made with those letters. Oddly, "Stonehenge" and "unicorn" can, but they are both can be made in addition to "eclectic", and then the generator fills out the rest with littel dumb two and three letter words.

I'll keep looking...

John Hyland said...

For Craig, above, it's actually an acrostic, not an anagram. (Look at the first letter of each word.)

Craig Steffen said...

John: yup, she actually made a whole other post about it. Thanks!