Saturday, May 14, 2005

Rats and Puppets in Baltimore

Lisa will be exhibiting artwork in the Balticon Art Show, during Balticon 39, the Maryland Regional Science Fiction Convention, May 27-30 (Memorial Day Weekend).

Eat at Joe's (top) and Sum of It (bottom) will be there, along with rats, rats and more rats :-). And two one-of-a-kind Paper Doll sculptures that i don't have very good photos of right now, but they are gorgeous. (i'll get them up as soon as i find them)

There will be a pair of resin-cast candlesticks very similar (in coloration) to these.

And the ultra-cool table entitled "Those Pesky Infinities".

And some other items that are not on the main web site. This is a great chance for those of us in the Mid Atlantic to get an up-close look at Lisa's work. Um and need i say, take it home?????

This is definitely some very cool stuff. But, it's only a small taste of what will be coming to Balticon next year **winks**.

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Georgiana said...

Ack - I am really upset. I have been really behind on my reading and I just now see you had art up at Balticon.

I never made it to the art room at all although my kids and I talked about you quite a bit and we went to several of the art panels.

We'll just have to make up for it next year. I am giddy with excitement over Balticon 40.

I'm going to email you about that column we discussed earlier.