Sunday, May 08, 2005

Grim Reading

In Grim Reading, Grim is leaning rather comfortably on his scythe, calmly intent on his book. I find this image intriguing. It at least poses some interesting and possibly disturbing questions. I mean, if humanity finds itself in a situation in which the Grim Reaper isn’t, well, reaping, just how screwed up must things be?


Carl V. Anderson said...

I love it! Since reading is such an important part of my life I love seeing statues, maquettes, etc with books.

Raises fascinating questions about what ol' Grim would read if given the opportunity.

grimm said...

This is incredible. Is there anywhere that you are selling one. Because this is really incredible.

lisa said...

Well Carl, I imagine he's reading something "grim."

Chris, I sold this original to a collector, but certainly hope to make more.