Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Vanda is Good. Vanda is Wise

Vanda is Good.
Vanda is Wise.
Vanda has Tarot cards and a crystal ball, a tye-dye dress and a knowing smile.
She is very fond of hanging out with her wizard friend, Magic.


vandaluna said...

How amazingly sweet!!!
I'm so touched. Been a little touched for years. ;-)

That's me!! That rattie!!


ravyn said...

Yeah, now i guess you need a Magic rattie :-D

K said...

I do like her.

Then again, Magic was always my favourite of the rats, even counting Neilrat. I think it's the hat and the pensive expression. So I'm glad he has a pal.

vandaluna said...

Yes, Ravyn, I think I need a Magic rattie!

Good things are happening!

Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Vanda is damn cute!

Anonymous said...

..fuck that....i've been away...but i'm not gone.....

....yet........sorry i've missed so much.......67-67-67-