Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Harlan Ellison joins the author rats. Left to right: Ellison, Lovecraft, Poe, Gaiman. More photos soon.
Here's one photo of Harlan in processHarlan in cheese? I took photos of the whole thing, for those interested in the nuts and bolts of the studio insanity. I really had a tough time with the Harlan Rat. I had to show Harlan's now trademark lustrous silver-white hair, but learned that you cannot really depict Zorro without his hat. It doesn't work unless it is on his head. Finally I thought about it and relaxed. I mean, who, other than Harlan Ellison, could get away with showing up dressed as Zorro? I gave him an endearing, slightly evil grin, as only Harlan would have while very subtly reminding us of just how sharp his sword can be. I haven't shown the rat to Harlan yet, though he will be receiving a number of them soon.
Harlan chose to donate the 2o% I offered to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. No surprise there. I appreciate this group , and Harlan, and "that other author" more and more.

Tonight I'm going to explain to you why I make rats. I don't know why I haven't done it before. And I'll be glad for the opportunity to write freely.


Carl V. Anderson said...

They all look really great together..each is very individual but you've maintained a nice continuity between the four!

jordan's mom said...

Oh, cool! I'll need to see it closer, from different angles, but HarlanRat looks right on the money. What does Mr. Ellison think? Have you had any response from him?

ravyn said...

They are lonely and need a warm home :-D

shane said...

Wow, this is great! I love your art. The rats are wonderful. I'm a huge Ellison fan too. Met him once. I found your page through a random Google image search for monsters. I'll stop in often, if you don't mind.