Sunday, May 08, 2005

Grim Reading

In Dark Caravan, Grim rides in the last car of the roller coaster. He is passed out, drunk, at the base of the girlie show, bagged bottle in hand. At the swings, he waits on a bench, with a bag of chips. I like having him around the carnival, lurking in the backgrounds. After all, death is always near.


Carl V. Anderson said...

My excitement builds each time I see another picture of the Dark Caravan series. It will be so great once you (or should I say Ravyn) get all the pics up!

Anonymous said...

Of course Death hangs around the Carnival, as do many strange, odd and nether creatures. Don't believe me? Read Bradbury. I don't need to tell you, Lisa, obviously you've read plenty of Bradbury.

Tom Fury knows...

K said...

As someone who will probably meet her fate by walking into the path of a bus while reading a book, I think this piece is brilliant. But I have no idea how you captured that intent look, since we can't see his face. Amazing.

Has the short story been published, and if so, where?

I'm so glad you found my angel comment encouraging. I was a bit nervous about posting as I've never had the chance to say what I think of a piece to its artist before, and it seemed a little presumptuous... It would certainly be interesting to see a male angel in the series.

By the way, my name is Kirsten.