Tuesday, May 31, 2005


First, thanks to all who participated in "Homework". The writings are really good and Bob has started posting them on his site.fagblog
As he posts them, I'll be matching them up with images I already have on hand. I'll post those over the next few days.
Bob says he's impessed by the talent in my readership. I tell him we are just getting started.

Heads up--- we will be posting another 'call for entries' in a week. It will be the same exercise set within the parameters of a particular theme. We'll extend the deadline for this one a bit and outline the project we have in mind for the writings. So, keep your brains lubed.

I realized this afternoon that the pool man has removed our floating rubber rats. Well, some of them were floating. All of them were rubber, though. I'm fairly certain. Didn't he realize they were decorations?
Oh well. We have more. We have bigger ones too....

Back to work for me.....

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