Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween and Shadow of the Colossus

 Paint, glue, old clothes and some time.  Dad running out for supplies and food, all so that tonight Orion can be Wander.

And indeed, tonight he is.  
Happy Halloween to all of you.  Love and hope to those who will celebrate later.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cloud Atlas

Time is precious. 
Seeing Cloud Atlas was well worth the time invested.
Time is also relative.
It might be the fastest three hours I've ever spent.

“... in a cycle as old as tribalism, ignorance of the Other engenders fear; fear engenders hatred; hatred engenders violence; violence engenders further violence until the only "rights", the only law, are whatever is willed by the most powerful.”
David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beauty in a Dangerous Wood

  Start to finish photos:

I've taken over a hundred photos.  Pete has taken Orion and his friend to do boy stuff.  I'm alone in a quiet house.  Now to write a few words for this little frozen moment.  I think my favorite part of this sculpture is that some of the leaves escaped the glass to enter our world. 
Stories do that, don't they?
Hope your weekend is good. Wish me good writing.

Friday, October 19, 2012

How Now, Cow? Wow, Humans.

     I'm going to have to give this little guy a break from the magic box.  The weather's nice.  Maybe he'd enjoy a bit of fresh air and birdsong.

I know I would.

   I'm working. Living my life and working some more. Writing - though not so much here. It seems I'm doing a lot of apologizing to humans I care about for not being around so much.
  It seems I know a lot of understanding humans. They tend to accept my preoccupations with good graces.

  I don't forget about you.  Here's some work in progress, and a sharing of my deep and growing fear for us all.  I hope you're well and finding bits of wonder this October.
I think I'll go outside now and look at the clouds.  Eat some fruit or something.

We knew this was coming.  And now that it's here, we still don't quite believe it.  We have to learn to do things differently.  We can't wait for our leaders to lead us.

Things are starting to get interesting.  Thanks for being, my fellow silly humans.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Catching up

 Now that we've adopted Pete's cat Astro, the cat total for this house stands at five.
I noticed I have bruises on both shins from recent round-the-corner collisions with said cat clutter. Their skulls are very hard.  Luckily they can enjoy the fresh outdoors for most of the year.  That's a lot of cats.

  I'm working a lot.  Really a lot, which is why you're not seeing me here.  Every day starts early and ends with the singular relief of climbing into bed after a long day of hard work. But it's good work and I'm happy with it.

  I want to thank all of you who've adoped Halloween poppets.  Every one one will be on its way by the end of the week, including the custom ones. 

  We continue to swim, even as late as today (for Zoya's birthday.)  The water has become cold, but the sun is warm and once we adjust, it's amazingly refreshing.  But the light is different.  And the days are shorter, so we may be done.  Sometimes I swim all year.  Now I want swimming to have its season.

  As soon as the last spooky poppet leaves the building, I'll be cleaning the studio to make room for new work.  I'm inspired and more than ready to stretch.

 This is more of a wave than deeper observation.  This day started early.

I'll leave you with photos of work in progress:


Hope your October is going well.