Friday, November 28, 2008

New Winter Poppets

Welcome to Winter at Poppet Planet!

We've unleashed this season's Poppets:

Gingerbread Poppets smell and look like cookies.
Don't get confused.

Winter Dreams Poppet is a numbered edition.

Our Little Red Poppet ornament is the first
in a new series.

Bah Hum Bug says what we

all say sometimes,
only better.

Cafe Poppet in shades of your

artist's favorite drink.

and comes with a little surprise.

On December 6th, this winter's original art
will appear, along with one of a kind Poppets
and other surprises.
oh--and there's a great sale on Little Red Poppets-
and other favorites as well. Check the store for

Don't worry. We'll send up another balloon.
It's a new season. We're in it. Poppet Planet
wishes you every good thing to be found in

It's chilly! I'm going to get back into the studio. The fireplace is going, there's a little Bailey's in my coffee. Turkey casserole is but a day away. Then sandwiches. Then soup. sheesh.
Anyway. nearly perfecto.
I must go. Poppet is waiting...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank you

It's the evening before Thanksgiving Day. It's rainy and cool outside, there's a fire in the hearth. I'm thinking to take a break, breathe, appreciate the moments and all that is good for me.

The world is a sad and scary place. The world is full of beauty. The world is bigger inside than out.

Tomorrow is for family, and cooking, eating and resting. Because the world is a sad and scary place. The world is full of beauty. The world is bigger inside than out.

It's not an easy thing to live in, this world. But it's the only one we've got.

So we do the best we can, we don't worry and tomorrow, we enjoy all that's good in us.

Silly humans...

I send you all warmest thanks for watching the world with Poppets, and me.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Are we talking to walls?

There are nine televisions in this house. Nine. As I type this, I glance at one of my Del Rey copies of Fahrenheit 451. It keeps company with my old puppet, the one and only, the inspirer of dreams and Poppets. Above them hangs a Ron Brown angel in pencil.

but I digress.

Nine freaking TV's.

Fahrenheit 451. The original, the one and only, the inspirer of dreams and Poppets. Will we go there? It's a short trip, isn't it? Once our computers and televisions are married into one entity? And that will happen, you know. Sooner than later.

At what point will we begin to communicate with our walls?

I comfort myself (with an almost guilty glance at Bradbury's novel) by reminding me that all of the sets aren't for cable. Some are strictly for games or photography. One is for security.

The concept of Family Dinner and a Movie is very appealing. Last weekend was a long breakfast with "Ice Age." Conversation, Schmonversation. We talked and laughed together. Dinner isn't the time for family meetings. In this instance, we gathered around it. Besides, teens generally consider the casual questions at dinner to be on par with say, interrogations or firing squads. So the little TV in the dining room is quite the positive tool.

...she says, trailing off.

I dunno. I'll think on it a bit more. I have my reservations. Convenient and fun, yes indeed! No question. But still, it's sort of like having a weapon. It has its up side, but it's a dangerous thing and must be taken seriously.

Because television is a very dangerous thing. And it's in our homes.

And if we think our television isn't watching us, we're mistaken. It watches us. It watches us every single time we buy something. And generally, we buy what it tells us to.



I walked this morning, enough to sweat. I need to swim. I miss the water. But walking fast, in cool air....

is no substitute. Who am I kidding? Still, it's better than not moving.

studio work moves along. A bit on larger projects and new pieces for the store. Poppets for coffee lovers and ginger bread scented Poppets will be appearing in time for the holidays.

Some new gallery art too, a bit darker around the edges than most. Some long overdue gifts and thank-you's too.

Aubrey is sick and relegated to her bed, with soup and juice and lozenges, antibiotics and comfort movies. Zorcon has a new ball to hang out in. Pets in plastic balls. rolling around the floor. What would Ben Franklin say about that one?

And Orion reads really well now and is so very very tall. How did that happen?

and that's all I've got for tonight.

Hope you have a truly good Saturday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Now Boarding

So. At last. The Poppets who missed their flights are on their ways to various destinations.
Yes. Packing and shipping these past weeks have been problematic. The main problem, it seems, is that your artist was doing the packing and shipping.
Hmm. Artists are not necessarily the most organized humans on the planet.
There are exceptions, but this artist is not one of them.
The good news is that now we have, once again, more capable humans to make sure every Poppet gets to its destination without major pandemonium.
That said---if you've been expecting a Poppet and are concerned about it and haven't heard from us, please do email to and we'll tell you exactly what your Poppet is up to.
(huge sigh of relief) Now I'm looking forward to a lot more time in the studio, where I'll cause less chaos and make more art.
Speaking of less chaos;
We're still discussing "The Anti Snowball" collaboration on the forums---(click on the "one of us" image on the sidebar.) It's just starting, so if you want a say in how we approach this particular project, now's the time.
Now. Miles to go before I sleep.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Once again, S. Cal is on fire. This time it's north LA.

We are helplessly hoping.

Here in the desert.

There are sheep. Sheep with very big horns.
Who shall lead them out of their own desert?

It seems a wasteland, a giant ash tray balanced on a broken table with termites at its legs.

Anda Child shall lead them.

or is it Poppet?

Then, where must they go? These sheep, with big horns, noise without substance?

Do Poppet shepherds finally go home?

Sheesh. Your artist is going to hide away and make things...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Poppets like Magic the Gathering, and Light Shows

This from Robert Johnson Jr.

Poppet as a 1/1 Red Creature, costs 2 mana. My favorite kind of creature. Seems humble enough, but distraction can be a powerful tool in any sort of Magic, the Gathering or otherwise.
I'd say, Creature Poppet is bigger inside and out.

Possibly somebody ought to let folks at Wizards of the Coast know they could use a Poppet or two around there.

We've resumed work on the Poppet video projects. I'm certainly glad to see it. It seems a good step toward regaining our forward momentum.

We invited a hundred or so of our closest Poppet friends to watch.
They seemed to to enjoy it.
But it can be hard to read Poppets.

Unlike rodents, who do tend to enjoy their sharp-witted sideline commentary. Smart-asses, they are. Adorable.
Zorcon is telling me he wants more carrots by biting a hole in my shirt.
This is becoming a habit, bringing him in for blogging.

After,we had snacks and a movie to celebrate.
The Poppets in this house like vanilla. I'll accept their sharing as approval of the work.

I've started the forum for work on the project I wrote about in the last entry. The forum (working) title is The Anti-Snowball. While you're there, you might find some other inspiration too, or an opportunity to inspire someone else.
It's still morning...I'm off to work.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Walk with me.

This is a bit from mail to Ben:

What I need, more than anything else, is time. I need time to rest and think and get over things. I need to clear my head so I can get back to meaningful work and have some life.I'm not even seeing a break for that any time soon. I'm on a wheel and I can't get off. I've gotta tell you, I feel pretty close to breaking.
Thanks for the email. Helped.

What I needed wasn't time, but balance. Balancing inspiration and obligation. Long term goals vs short term. Want to vs Have to. Which idea to act on? Which to write? Which might be lost? What's the right choice? So many little....wait. maybe this is about time. Work? life? friends? family? play, love or art? The choices, the juggling, the running, the guilt ....the wheel and the tsunami of minutiae--the noise, the noise, the noise

the fear.

all that you love will be swept away

Silly human!

Right. So. Here's something I struggle with as an artist and a human being. I get out of balance and my inner gyroscope starts to wobble. Sometimes the wobble is mild, sometimes it can knock me right out of orbit.

All that said,
added 11/11
{I'm thinking that if this is an issue for me, it very likely is for lots of other people too, including you. I'm thinking we can try a group collaboration of a sort and explore this struggle (we can better define it together on the forums)

I'm hoping you might want to take a closer look with me. You can use any medium you choose in any creative discipline.
The only thing I ask is that you don't participate without fully exploring the subject. The most important ingredient in this soup is the human element.
Ravyn tells me we can make a place on the forums to post work and comments.

Now, here's my question to you for the moment: what will we call this place?


Two Little Guys from Vancouver

So... I'm working on what I think is a cool collaboration for us. I'll do my best to get it posted tonight. Today, I'm making sure everyone who ordered stuff gets it. I've made a list, now I'm checking it twice.

In the meantime---can anyone tell me who created these two little guys? I bought them from the art show at VCon and they're not signed. I've put them in my display cabinet but want to put a little card with the artists name. She had a whole bunch of these little guys. They're sort of Poppet-y----simple but with a lot of expression. Rubius? I'll bet you know.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Blast Radius

Poppet learns a great deal about picking up pieces.

and...Thanks, Carl.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

big poppet, little friend

Gotta big Poppet outside.

Gotta rodent inside. On Wednesday night I read from "Wind in the Willows" to Orion at bedtime, with Zorcon resting on my chest. Both boys were sound asleep in no time.

Rubius created the giant Poppet. The body is burlap and the head is paper mache. The ruff is very cleverly made of coffee filters.

and perfectly sized for little humans in weird clothes.

Tomorrow is Monday. Many Poppets will be sent traveling tomorrow. Then, it's back to the studio for me.