Friday, November 28, 2008

New Winter Poppets

Welcome to Winter at Poppet Planet!

We've unleashed this season's Poppets:

Gingerbread Poppets smell and look like cookies.
Don't get confused.

Winter Dreams Poppet is a numbered edition.

Our Little Red Poppet ornament is the first
in a new series.

Bah Hum Bug says what we

all say sometimes,
only better.

Cafe Poppet in shades of your

artist's favorite drink.

and comes with a little surprise.

On December 6th, this winter's original art
will appear, along with one of a kind Poppets
and other surprises.
oh--and there's a great sale on Little Red Poppets-
and other favorites as well. Check the store for

Don't worry. We'll send up another balloon.
It's a new season. We're in it. Poppet Planet
wishes you every good thing to be found in

It's chilly! I'm going to get back into the studio. The fireplace is going, there's a little Bailey's in my coffee. Turkey casserole is but a day away. Then sandwiches. Then soup. sheesh.
Anyway. nearly perfecto.
I must go. Poppet is waiting...


Stacey said...

Love winter, love the poppets! Today felt very wintery here, I might have to break out the hot cocoa.

Benton Warren said...

Great Pics Lisa!
And the music box is just plain cool cool cool.
Bah Hum Bug! :P

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. I apparently need to find more freelancing work to further enable my newly developed Poppet habit.

Oh, dear... :)

faerydusted1 said...

Oh my.. I think if I bit a gingerbread poppet it would most certainly take a bite back. (Honestly, I suppose any poppet would bite back.)

Andrea said...

I ordered a Choco Poppet from you a few weeks ago. I just wanted you to know that it arrived safe and sound and my mom loves it! It was a gift for her birthday and I really appreciated that it was already wrapped so perfectly. Thank you so much!

I love all of the winter poppets. Maybe my mom will receive one of them for Christmas ;-)

Rubius said...

ah Gingerbread poppets... love em. I have a feeling I know what they would taste like though. hehe.

I love the Winter Dreams Poppet too ... and the ornament. Kawai!!!

Carl V. Anderson said...

Yeah for winter! I could smell the gingerbread when I saw that Poppet. Literally. It is weird how scent memory works.

I look forward to Dec. 6th!!!

Anonymous said...

My wonderful husband got a Little Red ornament and Little Pink for my Christmas present. They were beautifully wrapped and a great surprise. Love them!