Sunday, November 02, 2008

big poppet, little friend

Gotta big Poppet outside.

Gotta rodent inside. On Wednesday night I read from "Wind in the Willows" to Orion at bedtime, with Zorcon resting on my chest. Both boys were sound asleep in no time.

Rubius created the giant Poppet. The body is burlap and the head is paper mache. The ruff is very cleverly made of coffee filters.

and perfectly sized for little humans in weird clothes.

Tomorrow is Monday. Many Poppets will be sent traveling tomorrow. Then, it's back to the studio for me.


mordicai said...

Oh man big poppet!

spacedlaw said...

How clever of Kristina!

Benton Warren said...

Kristina is both clever and wonderful! It was a true pleasure meeting and getting to hang out with her in VC. Rubius, drop me an email with your address, I have a present for you... :)

Rubius said...

You do make a girl feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanks. I certainly can't take all the credit... I had invaluable help from my friend Denise and her partner. Poppet wouldn't exist without them.

I am just glad you like it, Lisa. I must admit that having that poppet living in my bachelorette suite for a while was rather disturbing... especially since it lived near my bed and it cast a distinct shadow at night. Poppet-psyche.