Saturday, November 15, 2008

Once again, S. Cal is on fire. This time it's north LA.

We are helplessly hoping.

Here in the desert.

There are sheep. Sheep with very big horns.
Who shall lead them out of their own desert?

It seems a wasteland, a giant ash tray balanced on a broken table with termites at its legs.

Anda Child shall lead them.

or is it Poppet?

Then, where must they go? These sheep, with big horns, noise without substance?

Do Poppet shepherds finally go home?

Sheesh. Your artist is going to hide away and make things...


Rubius said...

omg that is hilarious!!! Big Horn Sheep!!! Baaaaa... That is fantastically funny.

I had a box that meowed like a kitten when you turned it over. I think it still works. Those things are so funny.

Fires... are less than funny.

Stacey said...

Fascinating images. I have been reading the Dark Tower series, and these things remind me of the imagery of the world that has moved on. shocking.

lisa said...

rubius: we have a kitten one too.
You don't want to think about that...
...but you will.
oh yes.
you will.

the fires keep us awake. on several levels.

stacey: The Dark Tower series is on the list of series I plan to read.
So many books...
I really like that phrase..."the world that has moved on." cool

K said...

Crossing fingers for you.

Our piggies used to bite our clothing exactly as you describe, but no longer do. Maybe Zorcon will grow out of it.

We have a box that moos somewhere. Not very convincingly.

Carl V. Anderson said...

That first picture looks like a Poppet that was tortured and had its eyes removed. I love it! (What does that say about me...other than that is a pretty reflective statement about how I feel about Mondays).

I've been catching glimpses of the fires on the news (which is odd as I am not generally a news watcher) and they are devastating to see. I certainly hope and pray for all who live in the path of the fires.