Friday, November 14, 2008

Poppets like Magic the Gathering, and Light Shows

This from Robert Johnson Jr.

Poppet as a 1/1 Red Creature, costs 2 mana. My favorite kind of creature. Seems humble enough, but distraction can be a powerful tool in any sort of Magic, the Gathering or otherwise.
I'd say, Creature Poppet is bigger inside and out.

Possibly somebody ought to let folks at Wizards of the Coast know they could use a Poppet or two around there.

We've resumed work on the Poppet video projects. I'm certainly glad to see it. It seems a good step toward regaining our forward momentum.

We invited a hundred or so of our closest Poppet friends to watch.
They seemed to to enjoy it.
But it can be hard to read Poppets.

Unlike rodents, who do tend to enjoy their sharp-witted sideline commentary. Smart-asses, they are. Adorable.
Zorcon is telling me he wants more carrots by biting a hole in my shirt.
This is becoming a habit, bringing him in for blogging.

After,we had snacks and a movie to celebrate.
The Poppets in this house like vanilla. I'll accept their sharing as approval of the work.

I've started the forum for work on the project I wrote about in the last entry. The forum (working) title is The Anti-Snowball. While you're there, you might find some other inspiration too, or an opportunity to inspire someone else.
It's still morning...I'm off to work.


mordicai said...

Poppets, I may be a supporter of WotC games, but Magic is not one of them. However, now I want to come up with 4e stats for them. Ooooo project...

Rubius said...

Magic card poppets. lol

Love the photos Lisa, Strange Light indeed. Especially the up close shot of their faces and the crowd... and the darling evil grins on the rat faces... excellent.

Ed said...
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Ed said...

Lately, guys at Wizard's certainly needs the basic power of tapped Poppets (D&D4ed, big geek drama haha). Makes me think about something like one of those old golden Magic cards, "summon legend" and such. What a "summon legend" Poppet would be like?

The photos are fantastic. Dreams of strange auroras. Thanks for the friday night inspiration.

lisa said...

ed. o mamute--thanks! We're really happy to be working on the video project again. I'll be posting more 'strange light' photos as we go along.

Stacey said...

LMAO @ the Santa Ratbag, he just looks so impish! teehee!

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