Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Now you see it, Now you don't.

Yesterday the sky blazed with pinks and oranges, the sort of desert sky that only appears in the fall.

These spectacular orchestrations of moisture and light are impromptu performances, quick and viewed only by those diligent enough, or lucky enough to catch them.

In fact, as Orion learned, a sky full of colored light can vanish as though by a magician's trick, leaving a sense of wonder with a touch of loss.
Next time the sky blazes, he may watch more intently, waiting for the disappearing that he now knows comes next.

I was, not diligent, but lucky enough to capture Orion's experience on camera.

I feel a little like an intruder, and you might too. But how often, really, do we get such a close look at a moment of learning? Orion, thank you.

Today is Halloween. It's a good day, with jack o' lanterns blazing through the house. Tonight will be for Tricks or Treats and playing in the dark.

Then tomorrow it will be gone. Just like that.

Still it leaves us full in Autumn, the season lots of us love best, with moments both bright and dark for us to wonder at.

Happy Halloween. Happy Autumn.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Smoke, Evil Beagle and Da Bounce

Already this morning the fires were on our minds. We begin our days with the news, hoping for improvement, sad for the damage already done. By midday we could see the smoke moving over the mountains and by four thirty, when I took this shot from our back yard, it brought us the somber reality of loss.
The LA County Public Health site used a photo I posted here last year, of other fires.
You can see an update of the fires and containment status on Google Earth.

Peter Beagle, it appears, got his dose of Vitamin Evil during Vcon last week.

Thanks to Rubius for this photo.

Strange Roads will be available in January. I've read the three stories. You won't believe where Peter has taken Poppets.

Or possibly, where Poppets took Peter.

Either way, wow. I'm both honored and delighted he went there. I look forward to sending you down those very strange roads indeed.

On the home front:

I like this bit of baby action best when I hear little Logan in my head...I don't like it.I don't like it.I don't like it.

But then, I know he does.
And, finally,
The Poppetzez haz lef the buildin'.
Whew! If you're expecting some, they're on the way.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thank you

Packages will be shipped out every day for the rest of the week. Poppets and other creatures head out in many directions, seeking new homes, adventures and friends.
If you've ordered something and are wondering where it is, it's very likely on its way. If you have any questions, you can reach me at the address.
Thanks to all of you for your comments and reception of the Halloween season creations. We had way too much fun.
On Friday Orion and I swam in very cold water. I'd tell you the temp, but I really don't want to know because I suspect if I did, I wouldn't get back in. It was fun, and funny and really cleaned and scrubbed all the rooms in my head. It's sort of like swimming in summer. It just takes longer to get in and out of our suits and instead of checking for prune fingers, I check for blue lips.
It was too windy for swimming today and, unfortunately, perfectly windy enough for fires. It's that time of year again. Fire season in SoCal. Things are not so good in Malibu.
Tomorrow is for dusting off giant eyeballs and other things for putting in our front yard.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Shadows and Light

Orion was assigned a presentation about shadows.
So, we played in the dark, talked about light and how photographs are made.
He left for school with a photograph and new information pinging around in his head.

Soon enough he'll put it aside, then later on, he'll connect it to other information, constructing, piece by piece, his map of how things are.


Today I received new stories from Peter Beagle, written around art images I sent him. I was both surprised and delighted at how he interpreted the art and where he went.
Strange Roads indeed.


I'm reading bits of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book, looking forward to more bits. Later I may envy you, wishing I could read it again, for the first time.
Orion and I won the Gran Prix of Mario Kart today. He in first place and I in second.
We rode in the parade. We danced...for real.


The Freedom From Religion Foundation has erected its first billboard in Madison, Wisconsin. If you live comfortably near Madison and have a Poppet and send me a Poppets On Tour photo of your Poppet with the billboard I will happily send you another poppet of the color of your choice.
No kidding!
And a few days ago Derek Ash sent me two new Halloween poems. They are cool and sort of...poppety.

Today was the first day of a shipping marathon. Poppets are headed out in many directions to all sorts of new adventures.

Lots of creativity these days. Lots of making. Shadows and Light.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Poppet Soup, Onithoptors and Love. In the Dark.

We had dinner at Supreme Dragon. We talked about many things, Pete, Bent and me, but eventually, we got around to talking about thestateofthings, as we seem to do.
The stateofthings seems as dark as always, a bit darker in places.
I can't stop noticing the several ridiculously huge fish swimming in the gigantic aquarium a few feet away. It's a tall
aquarium and the fish appear to congregate at the pane nearest our table, turning in near unison to stare our way. I think of how little kids assign sentience to all creatures. I think of fish staring down from a tank in the center of the room at humans who sit at tables, eating fish and discussing thestateofthings.
When I still believed ladybugs mulled things over, I listened to my parents and their friends at dinners, talking about thestateofthings. I couldn't understand what they said, just that they were worried and if they were worried, thestateofthings must be pretty dark. The world was different outside of my back yard. And sometimes darkness was very near indeed.
So I played.
Now it's my turn to worry, think and do what I can about thestateofthings. I know ladybugs don't have brains.
But I still play, mostly in the dark.

Atomic Garden Soup

Kama II

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Now We Are Having Fun

During the worst of this summer's oppressive heat, we likened our situation to that of people trapped inside by winter weather. We seemed even to suffer from a sort of cabin fever. Stuck inside, hammered down by the heat.
We are revived now, with cool breezes. Flowers are blooming everywhere. Our fall is sort of like spring. Full of life and energy.
Time for going to the park, watching the stars and of course, playing in the dark.
New pieces up at Play In The Dark:

Mask for Little Pink

Basic Hardware
Ghostly Flyer

Some Guy
Now we are having fun.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Poppets Love Halloween

Trick or Treat!

Finally Poppet Halloween Masks for Play in the Dark.

Can you tell we're having fun?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Play in the Dark or just play.

This is JACKO.
If you haven't looked recently, I've added some new pieces to Play in the Dark. More will go up tomorrow, including some MASKS, so your poppets can dress up for Trick or Treat.
More would've gone up today, but playing needed to be done.
Sometimes Orion and I play in the dark. We tried swimming in the dark once, wearing glow bracelets. The bracelets looked cool, but it was just too creepy swimming in totally black water. We imagined many things and after about ten minutes, got out sort of hastily. Some of the things we imagined followed us right to the door even though we hadn't given them names. Inside, in the bright light of the kitchen,we sighed our relief. We heard them shuffle away, disappointed.
We haven't tried swimming in the dark again.
But tonight, inside, we played a game we invented, sort of accidently. It requires only those crazy eyeglasses with attached nose. We take turns while the other is out of the room and put the glasses on things. The only rule is that they go on something for which wearing glasses would be ridiculous. The only goal is giggles.
It's a good game.