Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thank you

Packages will be shipped out every day for the rest of the week. Poppets and other creatures head out in many directions, seeking new homes, adventures and friends.
If you've ordered something and are wondering where it is, it's very likely on its way. If you have any questions, you can reach me at the address.
Thanks to all of you for your comments and reception of the Halloween season creations. We had way too much fun.
On Friday Orion and I swam in very cold water. I'd tell you the temp, but I really don't want to know because I suspect if I did, I wouldn't get back in. It was fun, and funny and really cleaned and scrubbed all the rooms in my head. It's sort of like swimming in summer. It just takes longer to get in and out of our suits and instead of checking for prune fingers, I check for blue lips.
It was too windy for swimming today and, unfortunately, perfectly windy enough for fires. It's that time of year again. Fire season in SoCal. Things are not so good in Malibu.
Tomorrow is for dusting off giant eyeballs and other things for putting in our front yard.


chrisa511 said...

Ah, but thank YOU for creating such beautiful Halloween treats! I hope that you all are safe with the fires. It's so sad...I keep watching it on TV. Nature can be so beautiful, but she can turn on you pretty quickly.

jordan's mom said...

So today the SoCal fires are in the headlines, and are mentioning Malibu...

Are you guys ok? How close are the fires to where you are? And what's up with those funky Santa Anas?

lisa said...

Yes. The fires are really terrible. It's heartbreaking to see such distruction, especially in such a beautiful area.

We're all safe here. Alison and Justin home is fairly elevated, so they watched the Irvine fire from a park in their neighborhood.
The Santa Anas come every year.
Generally they don't bring any good news.

We humans each have our burdens. Seems geographic regions have theirs too.

Thanks to you both.

Rubius said...

Thank you for letting us know you and the family are okay.

The poppets are LOVELY. They were a big hit everytime they came out to play at VCON this weekend.

ravyn said...

Hey Rubius -

Do you ever post on the Poppet Planet Forums? i'd love to hear how VCON went and the Spare Parts Forum is the perfect spot to share with us :-)

Rubius said...

Hi, beautiful Ravyn, I signed up ages ago but I am a bit of a ghost. Perhaps it's time to come out of the walls, as it were.

K said...

Oh, please do come out of the walls! (Though if any wolves are reading this, please don't.)