Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Now you see it, Now you don't.

Yesterday the sky blazed with pinks and oranges, the sort of desert sky that only appears in the fall.

These spectacular orchestrations of moisture and light are impromptu performances, quick and viewed only by those diligent enough, or lucky enough to catch them.

In fact, as Orion learned, a sky full of colored light can vanish as though by a magician's trick, leaving a sense of wonder with a touch of loss.
Next time the sky blazes, he may watch more intently, waiting for the disappearing that he now knows comes next.

I was, not diligent, but lucky enough to capture Orion's experience on camera.

I feel a little like an intruder, and you might too. But how often, really, do we get such a close look at a moment of learning? Orion, thank you.

Today is Halloween. It's a good day, with jack o' lanterns blazing through the house. Tonight will be for Tricks or Treats and playing in the dark.

Then tomorrow it will be gone. Just like that.

Still it leaves us full in Autumn, the season lots of us love best, with moments both bright and dark for us to wonder at.

Happy Halloween. Happy Autumn.


jordan's mom said...

And a wonderfully spooky, fun-filled and tricksy Halloween to you and yours back atcha from Maryland!!!

The picture of Orion is wonderful. Can we see some pictures of your home and yard decorations? Every year I try to image them, and fail. I know they must be extremely cool, though...

K said...

Happy Hallowe'en!

If you have time, it would be great to see your decorations. Especially the pumpkins! I'm putting mine up on poppetplanet...

That sky is wonderful. All we had here was howling winds, and dark by about 5pm. Still, it's atmospheric.

Dan Guy said...

That's a sweet picture of Orion! Will we get to see him in costume?

lisa said...

The picture of Orion is actually a quicktime movie. Hope it's working for you. If you can watch it with sound, it really shows his reaction to the color vanishing.

Sorry K and Jordan's mom, we had very little time for decorating this year, though we cobbled together what we could. Our house looks sort of Halloween-y all year long, actually.