Thursday, November 01, 2007

November 1

I like this photo of the door. When I first saw it, I got the impression of peering into some surreal daytime landscape in the distance.

Hope you had a good Halloween.

We did, though there was little time for decorating. I truly missed building something huge and knarly this year, but don't regret focusing my efforts into the work for Poppet Planet.


While Two Dads took Orion and Sophia for Tricks or Treats, I ( having managed to wrench my knee) spent an unusually quiet evening with my feet up, reading in a house of jack o lanterns, ghouls and rats.
And thinking about new things to make. It seems I'll be able to now, because I've selected my assistant and after her first two days of working, I can already see more studio time for myself.
This is a very good thing.
So, between reading (a bit of Stephen King, a bit of a new and odd story in progress by Mr. Gaiman) I thought of new things to make and projects to finish up.
It's November 1. Poppet Planet is spinning happily on its axis.
Time to stretch my wings, I think.

It's November 1. Coffee is ready.
Here we go...


Rubius said...

Nice pix!! The black and white seeming photos are neat and the kids are especially precious.

I hope the annual candy-hunt was profitable.

I am very glad to hear that you have found a helper... studio time is so very important. May your wings take you to new heights and bring you safely home again.

ravyn said...

i've received a few Halloween POT photos, that i'm gonna post on the forums right now cause it's fast and i'm still overwhelmed with work. T-36 hours til the AHA meeting kicks off..... EEEEEEEEEEEK!

Dan Guy said...

Work doesn't let me access the blog anymore. Waaaaah. So I'm really behind.


Yay for Halloween! Yay for reading!