Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Original Dancer, revisited.

This original sculpture is called "Love Be Nimble, Luck Be Quick." It's largish and kinetic (electrical) and lives in a niche in the stairwell at Neil Gaiman's house. It has lived in the niche for a long time now and may even be a bit dusty. But Neil tells me it still works creepily and that its story lives somewhere in his head.

Play With Toys will offer the first few releases of a limited edition of the original yellow jester from the sculpture. It's very much like the original jester, poor thing, that must eternally evade the lustful Frog, who attempts to snag him with an umbrella.

The edition includes the wire and cobalt cat's eye bead hanger-- a very small edition of fifty numbered sculptures.

We're putting in lots of hours, drinking lots of hot tea and yes, having some fun.

Wow. "Play With Toys" begins in a couple of days.
Surely we had fun. The days of November simply vanished.
It's like time travel.


ravyn said...

i think it's "Luck Be Nimble, Fate Be Quick", but i can't find the post with the entire name in the archives. LOL.

Carl V. Anderson said...

November has been sucked up in some kind of black hole, hasn't it? Weird.

Look forward to seeing all the playing with toys selections!!!

ravyn said...

Yeah, November really went fast, unbelievable!

DesLily said...

wow, absolutely beautiful Lisa!

I animated the snow on your green poppets.. if you'd like I could send it to you?? my email is DesLily@aol.com

Anonymous said...

regarding DARK CARAVAN, what is the image seen on a few webpages of a bespectacled man in top hat with a jester on his shoulder?

Dan Guy said...

November can't be over yet.