Friday, November 30, 2007

Here We Go...

Play With Toys doesn't officially begin until tomorrow, but I've already begun to put auctions up if you want an early look.

Today has been cold and rainy all day. No school tomorrow, YAY! The pool looks forlorn, but Orion and I toasted marshmallows in the fireplace. It's cozy inside...

but not so great for taking photographs,


tomorrow I'll put up more auctions and very likely more on Sunday, including a BRAND NEW RATBAG RAT and even some HATS for your favorite Neil Rat.

And yes, even more Poppets.

In answer to the comment from Gerald Perry: I think you're referring to the kinetic sculpture called "No Refunds, No Returns," which is part of the Dark Caravan series. The series resides currently at a private residence in VA, but will be installed next year in the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

---time for apple cider. I think there may be some snow on the mountains.

Happy Winter--ish!


Janet said...

That statue reminds me a bit of Johnny Depp in the face :-)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick question - I am intrigued by this sculpture - do you have any close-ups of it, as a finished work, especially of the face or head region?

Sorry if its too much, but I really think this, along with the "Luck Be Nimble, Fate Be Quick" nook-statue for Mr. Neil Gaiman are the two most awesome pieces of scultpure I have ever seen!

I'm a convert to your work now - I am enchanted. It's so detailed, emotive and expressive.

Thank you.

Dan Guy said...

Poppet paddle-ball!!!

jordan's mom said...

I really think you ought to let everyone know that your working title for the paddle-ball poppet is "Combat Training"! That adds to its coolness.

K said...

Oh, I love the paddle-ball poppet.