Saturday, December 01, 2007

Play With Toys!

Saturday morning.

Play With Toys is officially open!

I'm happy to introduce "Whirligig I", the latest Bent/Lisa collaboration and "Goodbye Kitty", the newest RatBag rat sculpture.

And, sigh. We're still not done. It's terribly windy here with rainy, cloudy, changing skies. Not so good for photography. Not so good for artist types either, as we tend to linger at the windows.

Still, everything should be up by Monday, so please check back for new listings.

Play with Toys! Have fun.

and... Happy Almost Winter!


Dan Guy said...

I love the rattie's little poppet! So cute!

rachael said...

They are wonderful - I love the Punch & Judy & the peppermint soup & the string puppet poppet the best.
come visit me & if you ever want to trade... (way too presumptuous of me I know but doesn't hurt to ask)

Carl V. Anderson said...

The rat holding the poppet and balloon is so cute, I love it! Does whirligig spin? Guess I could pop over to the sale site and find out for myself!!!