Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We like changing our hats

I like it when Orion decides to join me for creative time. He says, "Today, I am a painter."
Which seems a poppety way of looking at things-- as they are, without pretext or qualifications.
It doesn't occur to him to think "I will be a painter," or "I might be a painter."
He paints, therefore he is a painter.
When the music went to an upbeat track, we gave each other that crazy look, took off our aprons and our jig, polka,
kung-fu combo took over.
We danced and so for the moment, were dancers.
For the moment can be a very good thing.
Tomorrow more Poppets will be sent on their various journeys. Then I'll be a painter too for awhile.
Tonight Pete and I saw "No Country for Old Men." We saw a window this evening to catch a movie and jumped a the chance to see a Coen Bros. film, knowing little else about it. I found it sparsely beautiful and well acted and early on was stuck by the quality of the writing. Sometimes, it's not a terrifically easy film to watch. The credits revealed it is based on Cormac McCarthy's 2005 book of the same title.
That explained a lot.
I read McCarthy's The Road this year, finding it one of the most moving books I've ever read.


DesLily said...

He looks very much the painter in the photo! A very serious painter indeed!

lisa said...

Hi deslily! Yes, he is very serious when he's creating. And extremely, ridiculously silly when dancing!

Dan Guy said...

I want to have the bravery to claim an identity like that. It seems like Neil arrived at the same sort of thing via punk, and the idea that you could just pick up a guitar (or a pen, or a brush) and pour enthousiasm into it, creating art without education and gaining experience along the way.