Thursday, December 13, 2007

Packing, Shopping

Today Orion is home from school with a croopy cough. Yes, it is winter in the desert. I'm finishing up the Play with Toys packing. Having fun with it, actually, working up front near the fireplace where it's warm and I can whisk Mr. Croop off to the bathroom for steam if need be.

The studio is very chilly today. No place for artists, unless they're Bent, who is somewhat like a polar bear.

And, shopping online. As every day, shopping online. If I'm not ordering studio supplies, I'm ordering gifts. Mostly books, lots of books. I'm thinking that this year I'll have done at least 80% of my gift shopping this way. But what about the romance of getting out in the nippy weather downtown? Forget it. Downtown Palm Springs can be fun, but it looks nothing like a city and everything like a strip of tourist shops at the beach. Except for the mountains.


Angie (aka studio rookie) sent this little clip called "Shopping in Texas." Short and cute(?). Even though you already know what's coming, thought you might like it.

Anyone take their Poppets shopping? I'd like to see some Downtown Poppets on Tour. Uptown Poppets?



Do poppets have thermals on under their outfits?

Perhaps I should test one of mine out in the snow.

Carl V. Anderson said...

The only time shopping is at all 'romantic' is when, like this past weekend, the weather scared off most of the shoppers and the stores were virtually empty. Not good for business, but was very enjoyable for me!

Dan Guy said...

Hahaha. The title of that clip should have given me a hint.

Xander and Molly have terrible coughs due to chest infections. Blah. Poor kids.