Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Tonight we gave a dinner party in honor of Ben's grandparents, who are in their nineties. They are active, intelligent and lovely. They inspire everyone around them.

Yesterday and today were for making everything about the setting and dinner extra special.

That meant things like polishing silver and cleaning every corner. Then making things like prime rib and extremely delicate and persnickety chocolate sauces.

It was for choosing the right linens and candles and scents. It was for dozens of other details. Everyone who's ever put on a formal dinner party can appreciate the work involved.

So then, I cut the tip of my right ring finger at about 5pm, and Aubrey had to step in and finish a few things for me. Good experience for her. She hopes to own a specialty bakery one day, so improvisation is good practice.

It was so very worth every effort. But next time...I'm hiring help.

Anyway, the thing is... I had this really interesting sort of epiphany this afternoon. Taking the sage advice of the previously blogged life hacks, I made a note to write about it later instead of killing myself trying to get it written out now. It can wait.

I hope next year I make many things you enjoy. I hope next year we learn a bit more together. I like traveling through time and space with you.

I thank you for being with me this past year. Your input has relevance to my life and my work. You make me think. You make me laugh. Thank you.

Pete has gone to drive Ben home. Aubrey and Matt have gone to a party. I am not even really in shape to drive even this keyboard, between the dinner wine and the ..uh, cooking wine. Oh, then there's the huge bandage on my finger, which is throbbing nicely. That too.

So I'm going to put on comfy clothes and play Super Mario Galaxy with Orion. That, I can drive.

In the words of my beloved Sponge Bob Square Pants "You don't need a license to drive a sandwich."

Happy New Year!


DesLily said...

Ouchie! I hope the throbbing ceases soon and the finger heals quickly!

I hope you have a fabulously creative year!!! Happy 2008!

Carl V. Anderson said...

"I hope next year I make many things you enjoy."

No worries there, Lisa. Your work is magical to us.

"I hope next year we learn a bit more together."

I do too, and am really looking forward to it.

"I like traveling through time and space with you."

I do with you as well, and with all those who participate in your community.

Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope the finger heals quickly!

Bungeegal said...

Happy New Year! I asked Fond of Photography where I could find a poppet and she directed me to you? I looked at your poppet sites and I couldn't find that you had any available for sale =(

I think they are sooo cute! Please let me know how I can purchase a few and when they might be available.

Thanks --hope your finger is feeling better!

Dan Guy said...

I hope I'm active at their age.

There was no Cartoon Network at the hospital, so we watch *A LOT* of Spongebob. I'm glad we finally got out of there. Xander, Molly, and I have finally caught up on all of the Gargoyles and The Tick that we missed.

Many blessings in the new year!

Dan Guy said...

I had a friend in highschool who always did her own thing, and ended up going off to culinary school and becoming a pastry chef. Very cool.

Janet said...

How lucky Ben is to still have his grandparents, and how lucky THEY are to be active into their 90s!

Hope your finger heals quickly :-)

Oh, and you might like to read this:

Happy New Year!


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*ominus organ music begins*

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