Friday, January 04, 2008

Blushing Poppets, Big on Cox, We want Poppets NOW!

A quick hello and check-in. I'm happily working away on book projects and helping with reorganizing the studio. It's a good mix.

The weather is weird. Dark and cloudy and cold. Bright orange fruit against cold gray skies is odd and oddly beautiful. They're a good mix too.

There will be two new open edition Poppets for February. We'll get them up in plenty of time for gift giving, and will even send them directly to friends and family for you, nicely wrapped and with your message.

Poppets like love. And candy.

Tonight we saw Walk Hard, The Dewey Cox Story. If you liked 40-Year-Old Virgin, you'll like this movie too. Pete and I, and many others in the theater, laughed from start to finish.

Your wish is our command! Poppets on Demand!

Now Little Red Poppets are available when you need them, gift wrapped and ready to send out into the world or to invite home to live with you.

WARM Little Red Poppets NOW
10% to Comic Book Legal Defense Fund


And, if you're in the mood for expanding your mind, visit the edge. Take a Poppet along!

Hope you're January is going well.



ravyn said...

the ravyn has been silenced (i've lost my voice). Locally there was much rejoicing, LOL.

jordan's mom said...

Why did the poppet cross the road?

Because another sighed.

Can't wait to see the February parade! Also, I love the new "group photo" on the eBay link. That would make a great t-shirt!

K said...

I love your blushing Poppet - did someone just kiss it and run away?

Dan Guy said...

I thought the roar of the city seemed quieter, ravyn!

ravyn said...

LOL, sheesh i've been like this since Friday!

michelle said...

Oh I love the blushing poppet....can one pre-order?

lisa said...

K--Perfect! A kiss and run!

Jordan's mom- you are a poet

simplicity--soon! We'll be offering direct gift shipping on those, so will get them up as early as next week.

ravyn--huh? can't hear you!

Bungeegal said...

Tim and I got the Goodbye Kitty rat! Thanks -- he's great! Can't wait to get a Valentine poppet! =)