Friday, July 12, 2013


             Summer in the desert is hard on me.  This year is no exception. True enough, I'm your classic introvert, so long stretches of quiet time at home suit me.  It's different though, when it's too hot to go outside and the light is blinding and the air is oven hot.  Yesterday was thick with dark clouds.  Even though it was humid, it was cool enough for Pete, Orion and me to get out for a bit to plunder some thrift stores and get ice cream.  We found a few treasures and butter pecan ice cream is always good for a lift.

       I made this image by photographing a small poppet sculpture against a painted background and softening up the edges with photoshop.  It makes me think of other creatives 'out there' working in relative isolation.  It's not a bad thing at all that technology allows us to signal to each other.  Sometimes that's all I need.  I'll know when it's not and I'll head out somewhere to dream and conspire with others like me. 

 This is my choice, to be what some refer to as 'self-contained.'   Most of the time it works fine.
It might be your choice too, or you may find yourself isolated for the moment by circumstances.
Either way, this is me signaling to you that I'm here and I know you're there. I hope you find a bit of inspiration today.

Sometimes, that's enough.