Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ho Ho Ho. And cake.

The holiday tree sits in a bucket of water, ready for standing and decorating. Aubrey, Matthew and Orion will decorate and Pete and I will actually leave the house, brave the world and do some gift shopping.

It's our wedding anniversary today. We have brand new matching his and her colds, so are saving the fancy dinner until we can actually taste it. Instead, a simple night of shopping and later, a movie at home near the fireplace. We rented Angel A, having seen a preview at the local theater where we see most indie films.

We'll remember the wedding--the white paper pinwheels and gossimer in the breeze, the hundreds of candles, the mysterious mime on the dancefloor, which friends got drunk, who stepped in the fountain, that sort of thing. But not for too long, because we like now.

Now is pretty good.

And tomorrow is my birthday. Same plan. Simple and warm, but with cake.

Everything is better with cake.

And Gurtie, of course, says "whatever."


Ravyn has listed some of her painted foals on ebay and says they can arrive in time for hanging on the tree. You can't really appreciate how tiny and detailed these are until you see one in person. I have some, and I was surprised and delighted when I opened the packages.

Off to shop for silly things.



ravyn said...

Happy Anniversary guys!

Gurtie is made of big green eyes, looks like, LOL.

chrisa511 said...

Happy Anniversary you guys and Happy early Birthday :) Enjoy your night, it sounds perfectly cozy!

Derek Ash said...

Happy Birthaversary!

I guess I forgot what a busy and event-filled month December was for you guys!

I think Now is great, and December is the best month of the year to savor it, because it balances on the tip of the mountain that divides last year and next year... while still being THIS year. :)There is so much too ook back on, and so much to look forward to that you have to just close your eyes and breathe in the nowness of it all or your head would pop like a tomato in a microwave.

Holly said...

late December birthdays are the best! Mine is Saturday =oD and I too have a yucky cold =o( Congrats on your milestones and hope you feel better soon!

Dan Guy said...

Happy Anniversary!

I rented Angel-A a week ago or so. I liked it. It's not perfect, I think, but it has its moments. I can't believe Luc Besson went so long between directing gigs.

DesLily said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!! Wow.. all that and Christmas too! (I hope your colds disappear fast!)

Kester and Woody send their love for a happy B'day!!

Neil Gaiman said...

Happy annibirthdary.

I'll send clowns if you like.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you get rid of your colds soon...not sure what year anniversary has colds for the gifts ;) and can actually have a nice time celebrating very, very soon. I wish you all the best!

Rubius said...

Merry Merry and Happy Happy and Thank you Thank you for bring such wonderful fun to this year. You two make a lovely couple and here's to many more memories together!!! Happy holidays to you and your family.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Lisa, and to all the rest of you Poppet Planeteers and Slaughterhouse faithful out there!!!