Thursday, November 15, 2007

Poppets Like to Play

Yes. We are having fun.

Deslily has created a waving poppet on her blog and other photos. Her Poppet (named Kester) also encounters Gandalf. That one cracked me up. Thanks Deslily!

The studio is bustling with activity, the household is bustling with activity. We find ourselves in the season where days begin early and end late. Where parents hand off information like relay batons, dividing to conquer tasks and searching out holes in schedules to spend moments together. It's difficult work, but leaves us feeling alive and purposeful.

In my head, I'm forever finding ways to distill concepts into simple representations. Of course I am. My work is just that and it follows that I'd think that way. Hmm. Or did I think that way first and the work followed?

no matter

For instance, yesterday Orion brought me a seemingly impossibly tangled Slinky to fix. Truly it looked like a lost cause, but I managed it. (hint--requires concentration and patience)

In my mind , a person who can untangle a Slinky without damaging it will likely be able to manage a business successfully.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago he brought me one of those little parachute toys with the strings seemingly impossibly tangled.

Without a second thought, I cut the strings off and put new ones on.

Possibly it's not only the ability to untangle the Slinky. Possibly it's also knowing when to untangle and when to start over.

I'll think on it.

But now, it's time for coffee and sculpting.


DesLily said...

Kester would take a bow.. but.. well, ya's kinda hard (heh) Glad I made you laugh!!

I love my poppet and love Chris for sending him to me!! He is my first (but I have the bookmark and hand).. I doubt he will live alone as the only poppet for too long!

chrisa511 said...

It was indeed great to see a poppet wave and turn it's back on Gandalf ;)

I LOVE the poppet masks! Is that what those are? If not, I love whatever they are, they're beautiful and a bit creepy.

I had a freeze in my tracks moment while reading this post...I'm a counselor at a school, so I have slinkys and stuff to play with in my office and I just happened to be playing with a slinky while reading this post! Freaked me out when you mentioned one! Congrats on untangling one ;) I don't think I ever have...

jjterlouw said...

Ah Grasshopper, there is great wisdom in knowing when to untangle and when to start over.

Dan Guy said...

I love untangling slinkies, and strings, and all manner of things. Darn Napoleon for slicing the gordian knot in twain.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Deslily's animations and cartoons are so much fun, I'm glad you enjoyed them!

I'm impressed. I personally haven't had alot of sucess in the slinky untangling business in the past. You got skilz!!!