Friday, November 09, 2007

Autumn's Monarchy and Poppets that Smell

...that smell good.

Poppets that smell good. Like Pumpkin Pie---or at least Autumny and Pumpkiny and maybe a little Poppety.

Anyway. They are nice on tables---we like them as place markers for really special dinners, nice in warm spots but mostly, we like them because we can't stop picking them up and smelling them.

Something about humans sniffing their Poppets is funny, and weird....but mostly sort of happy.
And weird.

Anyway, we've already made some available, so you can look weird too.

Oh, and the King and Queen stopped by too. Yes, we are beginning to have fun.


K said...

Oh, I LOVE Autumn's King and Queen. Oberon and Titania, after the midsummer madness had passed and custody of the Indian boy had been sorted out...

*ahem* Do excuse me. I was a scholar once.

lisa said...

Yeah, K.

It's true, I can't seem to create Poppet kings or queens that aren't Oberon or Titania.

After all, my own Aubrey owes her name to the King.

jordan's mom said...

Poppets that smell. Oh Lisa, once again you have exceeded our expectations. And this has soooo many possibilites. I'm looking forward to "Potty Poppets" made especially for bathrooms and baby changing stations.

Dan Guy said...

I like the idea of pumpkin pie Poppets!

DesLily said...

hello Lisa: this is off the subject, I wanted to thank you for coming by my blog to meet my first Poppet "Kester".. I'm glad he made you laugh out loud!! He's got loads of personality already!!

Carl V. Anderson said...

Oh my, those sceptres for King and Queen look incredible.