Sunday, October 07, 2007

Now We Are Having Fun

During the worst of this summer's oppressive heat, we likened our situation to that of people trapped inside by winter weather. We seemed even to suffer from a sort of cabin fever. Stuck inside, hammered down by the heat.
We are revived now, with cool breezes. Flowers are blooming everywhere. Our fall is sort of like spring. Full of life and energy.
Time for going to the park, watching the stars and of course, playing in the dark.
New pieces up at Play In The Dark:

Mask for Little Pink

Basic Hardware
Ghostly Flyer

Some Guy
Now we are having fun.


Jason Erik Lundberg said...

I *love* the Guy Fawkes poppet. Love love love it.

Dan Guy said...

Oh my gosh. I MUST HAVE "Some Guy". You are so awesome.

K said...

The ruff goes so well with the the mask!