Monday, November 10, 2008

Two Little Guys from Vancouver

So... I'm working on what I think is a cool collaboration for us. I'll do my best to get it posted tonight. Today, I'm making sure everyone who ordered stuff gets it. I've made a list, now I'm checking it twice.

In the meantime---can anyone tell me who created these two little guys? I bought them from the art show at VCon and they're not signed. I've put them in my display cabinet but want to put a little card with the artists name. She had a whole bunch of these little guys. They're sort of Poppet-y----simple but with a lot of expression. Rubius? I'll bet you know.


Rubius said...

I confirmed with the artist, Pauline Walsh, and she says they are Snicker and Fido.

Pauline is awfully touched and honoured you like them. She says her Etsy site should be up by the end of the week (and that this is great motivation to make sure that happens).

Nice picture of them. I think they are lovely too.

lisa said...

rubius: Thank you! someone ping me when she gets her site up and we'll put a link up.

lisa said...
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Unknown said...

Hi. The Etsy site is up and running now. It's It's also a work in progress. There will be more stuff up soon.

I'm glad you like the gargoyles, Lisa. Personally, I have an alien poppet sitting on my shelf, telling me to sculpt more.