Friday, October 31, 2008

my own new year

Well. Another Halloween has come and gone and I've gotta say I'm not feeling very poppety. On the other hand, I'm fairly certain I turned the proverbial corner today. It can be a subtle thing, that. Impossible to describe, yet unmistakable. Like deja vu, or a hunch. I've always thought of Halloween as 'my christmas.' Possibly I should consider the beginning of November my new year. It often feels that way.
I wanted to say Happy Halloween to all of you. Since I started this blog, you've been shiny spots on even the darkest days. Very Poppety, you are.

So now I experience the last moments of Halloween. I sit in this big empty room. Soon the carpets will be ripped out and replaced with wood. The walls will get a fresh new color and the things that go in here will be thought out and cherished. Anything less will fall away. The drapes are coming down to let in the mountain views by day and stars at night.
Am I talking about a room or describing a metaphor?

Possibly it's the day. Or walking around tonight amongst such good spirited ghouls. I'm thinking that tomorrow, when I wake, I'm going to feel a bit better. Dunno why. But it seems quiet and sure. No fanfare. Just a subtle change in timbre. I hope so.

thank you. g'night


Rubius said...

Happy Halloween and Happy New Year... there certainly are enough explosions around my neighbourhood for it to be mistaken for New Year's Eve. The fireworks stores pop up, like mushrooms, each season for a few weeks.. and there will be fireflowers all night long.

rip down your old walls,
celebrate death and life,
renewal and regrowth

Happy Halloween Lisa

Marjorie said...

Happy New Year.

I just went downstairs and found that Poppets are not where they were whenI left them last night.... Is this their way of telling me it's time for another Poppet?

Drinne said...

My spiritual New Year is this time of year too - Although the holidays that announce it just ate up all of last month, this is the time when I gather up the roller coaster of introspection and decisions I've made and figure out how to do it.

So I think Nov 1 is a perfectly good new year.

Lashonna Tova Lisa - May you be written in for a good year.

Stacey said...

I'm onboard with the starting of the New Year right now. It seems like this last year has been particularly stressful for many people I know. I hope your next year has far more ups than downs.

Happy Halloween and Happy New Year.

lisa said...

rubius: cool! Fireworks are illegal in the desert. We're still in the experimental stages, but will likely be shooting some non-flamable shining-somethings soon enough. there's just something right and geeky about homemade rockets in your own backyard.

marjorie: i can't say. Poppets think outside of any box--or any strange dimensional polygon we might invent for that matter. My best advice is watch, and keep an open mind.
Happy renewal to you too!

drinne: spiritual new year. that sounds good. rings true. thank you, and also to you.

Stacey: happy to have you. I feel in extremely good company. Tomorrow I'll still be in an empty room, but one with possibilities. I look forward to figuring things out together.

ravyn said...

lisa have you seen these?

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween to everyone!

Instructables is a fun website. I did this for my lab's Halloween party. Cut it in half vertically, and soaked one side in vodka, then put it back together with toothpicks...