Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Return of the Dead....... FORUMS!

Hey guys! Ravyn again, and, just in time for Halloween, the Poppet Planet Forums have been brought back from the dead. And, appropriately for Halloween, the forums have come back mutated somewhat. Muah hah hah hah.

The user table, you know, the piece that holds all the user names, got corrupted and/or deleted. It has been partially reconstructed, with 'dummy names' in place of the original names. But since they are still linked with the posts, if you remember a topic that you posted about, or a comment you made, you can locate your 'dummy name' which will be "Sadly Lost User #X", email me (nora at ravyn dot com) with the dummy name and the ID name you want, and your email address. i will update your ID name and give you a temporary password so you can log in and change it yourself.

Another of the mutations is that the number of posts made by each user has been lost, which will be confusing i guess but we'll manage. ALL the posts are intact, you can go to the forums and view all the discussions. For those of you who are recent arrivals, there is a LOT of good information in those forums, i urge you to check them out!

Thanks very much Michael and DanGuy for your input. You ROCK!

So let's get back to the forums, and get back to sharing our experience and knowledge, and making PoppetPlanet our community again.

- ravyn


Stacey said...


lisa said...

Ravyn: You're so totally cool for getting this going again. Thanks DanGuy and Michael too! You guys are helping me climb out of very dark spaces. I can't wait to get going again on the forums. Time for teaching and learning again, for all of us. Big hugs all around!

Rubius said...

Great Job Folks!!!

ravyn said...

hey danguy, i had a thought. Even though the *number* of posts has been set back to 1, if you look up a user and choose "view all posts", it finds all the posts by that user. Can we take that number and put it in the right spot in whatever table it belongs in?

Rubius said...

Happy Halloween Folks