Sunday, October 26, 2008

Slow, but here. And there. We move forward.

We've had some internet problems and are a week from installation for the new service. So....I'm stuck with dial up until then. Yes....I remember dial up.
How quickly we adjust to high speed. How quickly we take it for granted. sheesh.

On Friday I did an art presentation at Cielo Vista Elementary School for Orion's first grade class. I'm looking forward to more of these and some
workshops. I truly enjoy teaching art. I've always enjoyed the process of creating as much as the creations. And yes, of course, we talked about brains, and thinking, and all the kinds of thinking (like math) that are part of creating art.

We're still in sort of a state of flux. Lots of orders to be shipped out, lots of moving large objects around. Lots of logistical considerations with two studios and more artists.
Still, these are exciting times in many ways. I sense a whole new growh phase artistically.
When the work is good, everything else follows. In my universe, this is true.
Have a good Sunday.


Benton Warren said...

Wow! That looked like a lot of fun Lisa! What's not to love about kids and teaching? I can't wait to help out on the next one!
5:45 Sunday night and Strange Too just rolled in from our Salten Sea excursion. We have a couple of pics ourselves of Desert Adventures and dusty weirdness. Ravyn! Get my blog up so I can post em! :P
We were team 420 in the Treasure Trails Offroad Poker Run. Each team goes cross country from check point to checkpoint getting a playing card at each stop. We got cards... 4, 7, 6, 5... Going for a straight! Lemon? Is that even a card?
Oh well! All in all it was great fun! And I had forgotten how nice it was to watch the stars from beside a campfire. Ha! I wished you were there the whole time, Lisa! You would have loved it!

Benton Warren said...

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you! A drunk Driver took out a tree in my front yard while I was out of town! Good thing I live in a wee thicket. Or She would have plowed right on through the walk in tool closet!
And you look very stylish in that dirty old apron! But not as stylish as the last person to wear it! :P
See you tomorrow,

ravyn said...

bent: i'm rapidly approaching maximum poster processing time, the next two weeks are going to be the worst.

i'll do what i can but to give you some perspective on scientific poster processing, last February at the highest point of processing, i converted about 300 files in 48 hours. This past June, thanks to some improvements in the system, i was able to convert 300 files in less than 24 hours, more like 18 i think.

There is a meeting that starts Friday, with 1600 posters. As of right now we have received 600.

The other large meeting starting Nov 8 has 1600+ posters, and as of now we have received 179 posters.

There are two of us processing, and mostly i'm doing all the trouble ones, the ones that come out funky and i have to figure out how to fix them. But in the next few days i'll probably be taking on more and more.

Oh AND i still have graphics work unfinished for the Nov 8 meeting. This is the craziness that is the fall season. heh.

Benton Warren said...

Ugh! That my dear, is just to much work! Drop me a line when you catch up, but whew! Take your time and get as much fun in as you can till then!

Ed said...

Hi Ms. Snellings!
I'm new in two things here, a new visitor and a new fan. =)
I'm a Brazilian biologist (grad student to be) and I reached your blog (and found out about your work) through Mr. Gaiman's (of whom I'm such a big fan that I'm inclined to call him Lord Gaiman haha, well anyway, sorry about the crazy digressions...). Well, what I wanted to say is, your work is incredible, you've got a new fan! About your newest post, working with children is amazing indeed!
And yes, once we get used to fast connections, returning to dial up feels like getting maimed in some bizarre way (well, maybe that wasn't a good metaphor).
Anyway, sorry about the ranting, your work is really really great and inspiring!

Best Wishes from Belo Horizonte, Brazil!

-Daniel Cisalpino

ravyn said...

Lisa- do you mind if i make a post to the blog asking for database help with the forums? The web host can't help me and i don't know if the data can be salvaged cause i'm not a database person.

lisa said...

bent: it was great fun. I look forward to many more teaching experiences.

lisa said...

ed, o mamute: welcome! We're happy to have you join us. this season is shaping up to be very interesting indeed. Hope you'll stick around for the explorations.

ravyn: of course! it's always worth a shot to ask for help here. we're fortunate to have some pretty outstanding brains who visit this blog.