Saturday, October 11, 2008

Plane, Train, Sea Bus. Ben, Lisa and Poppet

Yesterday we saw a dog riding in the back seat of a convertible. The dog was wearing sun goggles. Yes, we are back in Palm Springs, but summer has gone away.

This is a good thing.
Here are some of the photos from Vancouver. Just getting started sorting them all out---we took about 300 photos---but thought instead of waiting I'd put up what I have so far. These are from the first day, before the convention actually started. Ben and I took the sky train and explored Vancouver a bit. I have to say, the people we encountered were some of the nicest and most polite I've ever met.
In some respects, I'm more sad than I've ever been. Even still, I'd rather be sad in October than August----do you get me? I sort of figure you do.

We're getting ready to put up lots of art in the store for the Halloween season. Likely by the 15th we'll have lots of Poppets in fake pants---they do love their costumes, don't they? Masks and brain o lanterns and such. Got a terrific Poppet Puppet from Robert Johnson Jr. I love collaborations with Robert. He always surprises me in wonderful ways.

I'm truly looking foward to the season. After all, Halloween is more than just a day---it's a lifestyle. On that one, I'm sure we agree.
more pics tomorrow. g'night


Benton Warren said...

Wow what a trip that was! Lots of deep conversations. Lots of deep belly laughs. Lots of deep glasses of red red wine... And good good people! Not the least of which were my new friend Rubius and my best friend Lisa! That first day in the city though. Priceless. There's nothing quite like wandering around exploring a strange and beautiful place with someone you love to be with. Thanks for every bit of that trip Lisa! From the highest highs to the lowest lows, I've never had a better time traveling with anyone.

ravyn said...

Bent, make sure she takes you along next time she comes out to Balticon ;-)

Rubius said...

I love the pics Lisa. Thanks for sharing them. It looks like you did have quite the exploration that day.

It was such a pleasure to meet you Ben. Here's to friendship!