Monday, December 01, 2008

There is a season for Crash of the Titans

On the forums, we've been talking about how difficult it can be to make the creative drive behave itself enough so that we can function in everyday life.

Well, that's what I've been talking about. Still, it's a discussion about balancing the things we must do against the things we want to do, things that give our lives meaning. That pretty much applies to all of us.

On days that seems less productive, it helps me to know that later, when I step back a bit, I'll see these experiences in context, as part of the mosiac and then, they'll fit.

That said, I'm...still working on it.

I'm ending this day with a huge list of things to do tomorrow through Friday and a resolve to be up before six to start doing them. On Saturday, I plan to put everything aside for studio work. And Sunday, for feet up and TiVo. Well, that's my plan.

But most importantly, on Wednesday at 3pm, I have a date with Orion, to ride huge honkin' monsters and crack through walls and smash evil. Crash of the Titans.

It's a start.



K said...
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K said...

Sorry, I got the formatting wrong.

What I was saying: I was wondering whether I could knit a Poppet, or whether anyone has come up with a gnome pattern I could adapt, when I came across this.

Not quite a Poppet. Unless that sweet expression is just a mask hiding the reality!

lisa said...

It's pretty close. You could alter the face. Email me at I'd like one, and possibly others would too.

ravyn said...

lisa, when you want to put your email address in a message or post in a public arena, spell everything out, like so:

poppetplanetgirl at aol dot com

that will help keep bots from picking up your email address and using it themselves...