Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Days like this

Frankly, I'm having one crappy morning. It started out fine--crisp cool air, kids on the playground before school.
Then a seeming avalanche of stuff came crashing down around me.
It happens. It's life. I know.
But on days like this, I want that time machine---I want to be back on the playground, thinking about how I'd like to read aloud to these kids once a week or so.
It would be fun. I'm half there already. They always seem to gather around me in the mornings, waiting with Orion for the bell to ring.
Possibly they sense a fellow alien mind. Possibly I smell like bacon.

Anyway. I'm older now. I've had my cry. This stuff will pass. Always does.

In the meantime, here's some of the new work. We're still working away. No doubt more will be forthcoming.

Let me know if the video for the music box works. You should hear "Puff the Magic Dragon."

Hope your Tuesday is going better than mine. I continue to know that in a grander scheme, things could be lots worse, that things are lots worse for lots of people, that I have to make the best of my own troubles and not let the larger ones---disasters I can't control or help---shut me down.

Deep blues, dammit. And the water's too cold---no hiding there. I must do what I always do---make art. Time for toys, it seems. As my wise friend the Neil Gaiman says--if the work is good, the rest will rest. Or something like that.
Thanks for checking in. More later.


chrisa511 said...

I hope your day gets better LIsa. I just had to comment that the piece of the music box (2nd to last) might be the most beautiful thing I've seen you make. I'm in love with it! You never cease to amaze me!

ravyn said...

okay now THAT is freakin' COOL

Miss Bliss said...

It's all so wonderful. The music box is spectacular.

Perhaps this is a Tuesday that requires a tub full of water. Seeing as the pool is too cold perhaps the answer is hot water and bubbles and candles and Tom Waits and ice cold water with lemon slices.

lisa said...

Thanks Chris: warm and fuzzy

ravyn: so are you. miss you. fell in a hole. got dirty.

Miss Bliss: I'm more of a shower person, but Tom Waits sold me. You are both good and wise.

Stardustgirl said...

It's beautiful. And yes, I hear the music box even on my machine that loves to refuse to play videos (Luxo is old).

The sound is perfect. I miss seeing things that have a proper music box; too many now have those electronic gizmos that just lack the magic of the tinkly mechanical kind.

Carl V. Anderson said...

Oh my, this new stuff is amazing. I love the outside of the box as it is pictured, but knowing that all the other stuff is going on inside makes it a delicious treat!

Sorry you are having, or were having, one of those days. When I think of a time machine I often wish to revisit the time when I could just pick up a book and disappear for hours, no responsibilities other than to enjoy the journey that I was on. I still recapture that feeling on occasion and it is magical, but far too often all the things I enjoy end up being moments of time snatched out of the race to oblivion. Got to slow down...

K said...

I love music boxes.

And I'm going to try Miss Bliss's remedy, because it's been a Wednesday like that for me. (Phases of the moon, too many things to do, this too will pass.) Although I don't have any Tom Waits. Maybe Neil Hannon will work almost as well.

I hope you are on your way out of your hole, too.