Friday, October 19, 2012

How Now, Cow? Wow, Humans.

     I'm going to have to give this little guy a break from the magic box.  The weather's nice.  Maybe he'd enjoy a bit of fresh air and birdsong.

I know I would.

   I'm working. Living my life and working some more. Writing - though not so much here. It seems I'm doing a lot of apologizing to humans I care about for not being around so much.
  It seems I know a lot of understanding humans. They tend to accept my preoccupations with good graces.

  I don't forget about you.  Here's some work in progress, and a sharing of my deep and growing fear for us all.  I hope you're well and finding bits of wonder this October.
I think I'll go outside now and look at the clouds.  Eat some fruit or something.

We knew this was coming.  And now that it's here, we still don't quite believe it.  We have to learn to do things differently.  We can't wait for our leaders to lead us.

Things are starting to get interesting.  Thanks for being, my fellow silly humans.


Melissa P said...

Fresh air and birdsong sounds like the perfect prescription for many ailments--including an overload of inanity and stupidity.

Take good care of yourself this weekend. Enjoy your fair share of well being and wonder.

Valya said...

These trees! They are so wonderful. They are characters themselves and I love them.

(So glad to have a little October Poppet tree in my home).