Sunday, May 01, 2005


A veneer, however genuine, can be peeled away. It is a raw thing indeed, just underneath.

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Robert/ GuardianAlien said...

Ok I didn't know if I should ask this or not. Is that a spam key?

It's 1977 and me and my siblings are staying with our great grand parents for the summer, just like every summer. It's lunch time and the fight is over who gets to turn the key to open the spam. I forget which day in the summer of 1977 it was, because this was an every day kind of fight. The summers were the best. Spam, instant grits and so much ice cream! How we avoided a coronary blockage is anyone's guess. Also Granny and Grandpa Senior had a pool. My dad did not. (Neither did Grandpa Junior).

Come to think if it the papery skin kinda reminds me of Granny. Granny also took us to Grace Baptist Temple 3 or four times a week.

I better stop before I think of something about Granny and the bound bunnies or the claw footed angels.