Sunday, May 08, 2005

Grim Reading

. I really do enjoy photographing sculpture. I photographed Grim Reading against a painted backdrop for this image. We used it for WindyCon's souvenir shirt design in 2002. I also used it to illustrate a short story called "Little Death" that won First Place for "Best Mystery" in the Palm Springs Writer's Guild Competition. There was no category for Horror or Fantasy, or Science Fiction either.
It is, after all, the desert.

I love my children. They love me. I'll admit, there were some flowers, some Hersheys minis and a houseplant. All were sort of spirited in without fanfare. They didn't bring a thing into my house from Hallmark or American Greetings, nor mention any particular day. They're starting to get me, I think.
I think the cold meds are starting to wear off, so...


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Carl V. Anderson said...

Very cool...makes me imagine that the world is burning and Death is taking a break to get just a few more pages read in his latest page turner.