Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Where are my kicks?

I wrote a sort of long, meandering post and then erased it because after yesterday's grousing, decided that you deserve better.

I am sleeping.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Since you put all that work into it you should've saved it for the next time you felt the need to release pent up frustration! The circumstances may change a little but in my experience the things that frustrate us change very little.

Hope you had a good night's rest.

Anonymous said...

Well, actually, no. I mean, we don't. First of all, many of us haven't eaten our veggies (french-fries not counting as veggies, federal district court decisions notwithstanding).

Second, a quick but highly scientific poll (I asked my Ouija board) reveals that 47.7 percent (and that's nearly half!!!) of us have, at some point, lost a mitten. (I'm in the good half, mostly because it never gets cold enough around here to need mittens, but if you think that's fortunate remember that when the temperature is in the high 90's, so is the humidity).

So it looks like you really haven't been grousing enough, with all this slacking off. Meandering, though, I don't know about, I mean, I never meander myself... I wonder, really wonder, what a grousing, meandering rat would look like? Or how you could tell?

On the other hand, listening to Fredo Viola's wonderful Sad Song makes it hard to stay really depressed when you're feeling bad. On the gripping hand, you'd then have to fake it so you could crack the whip over these lazy commenters. (47.7%!!! Did I mention that's nearly half?!!!?)