Thursday, April 21, 2005

Relic V

It's Thursday and here is the finished Relic V. She survived the flames, but I came very close to turning the extinguisher on this one. I suppose I should mention that she will be with me at Leprecon, May 6 - 8, in Carefree (yes) AZ. I wasn't sure until recently that I'd be able to attend, so didn't schedule any programming. I will be in the art show though, so if you're there, please come by and say hello.


Carl V. Anderson said...

That's great! Does look a little toasty on the bottom! I like look that the bubbles on the frame gives the overall piece.

Question time, are the angels themselves something you create separately and then attach to the background or are they all one?

Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by the difference in the angel from the black-and-white to the color. She gained identity and presence when colored, but I'm fascinated by the implied ambiguity between foreground/background figures in the pre-color stage.

Miss Bliss said...

WOW! That is fantastic! Ya know it's so interesting, the angel now seems to me to be clearly a guardian of balance. I don't know how else to say it, but to me she seems to be keeping those behind her in and us out because that is the proper balance. That wasn't so clear to me in the black and white version but it felt immediately clear to me with the finished work.

I love this piece.

Anonymous said...

This looks great. The color really brings it forward. That along with the faces in the background being larger on the bottom and smaller at the top gives it much more depth. The angel looks to be pulling away from the background.
Excellent work and I enjoy your writings on the process. I look forward to more.