Sunday, April 17, 2005


No sermon today, unless I change my mind... there is always that possibility.

Orion is under the weather. He has one of those toddler things that starts with a spectacular display of projectile vomiting. (It is an astounding site you can't imagine unless you've had experience with such.) It can go on to become something else, or mysteriously vanish. We'll see.

So the day is touch and go, so it were. As he rests here with his head propped up on pillows and his feet propped on me, eating ice chips and watching Sponge Bob, I will scroll back through the journal and take time to answer your comments. (Nick, Carl, Pam, MissBliss, anonymous.Marrije and the other anonymous---I can tell you apart, you know---If I missed something or didn't go back far enough, ping me and I'll answer. Oh yes, and Jordan's Mom.

---back in a bit


Carl V. Anderson said...

Here's hoping your little one is better soon. Sick children are just so pitiful and you want to somehow do some magic and get them up and running around again!

Thanks for answering back my and other's posts, its very special. I was wondering if you'd get back to my Anansi comment...left you a reply.

Miss Bliss said...

Hope Orion is better soon.

lisa said...

I'm fairly used to reading stories on paper. All the work for Strange Attraction, my own stories, stories people send me to illustrate. I read American Gods this way, and Coraline. Hmmm...I made paper mache pieces out of those. I suppose I will do the same for AB. What I don't do is read stories on the computer screen.