Friday, April 01, 2005

Dagmara Matuszak

For the holidays, Neil sent a copy of Melinda, the book he wrote, which was illustrated by Dagmara Matuszak. I was really taken with it and, after some correspondence, with her.
You've been cool enough to read the rantings and ravings behind my art and I'm ever so grateful you have. I thought it might be nice to give us both a break, and enjoy a glimpse into another artist's head.
Neil Gaiman & Dagmara Matuszak Melinda Reviewed by Rick Kleffel

If you haven't seen this book yet, check it out. It's dark and beautiful. It's a very limited edition , though a bit expensive. Still, if you're a collector of Neil's work you'll likely want to get one.
Ordering information
I asked Dagmara some questions and she answered them. There are some images of some of her other work below as well.

On Neil's sculpture, "Luck Be Nimble, Fate Be Quick", please forgive me--I'll be back at work on it Monday. For some 'before' pics, go here: Neil's sculpture
And, if you have quetions for Dag, please post them in 'comments' and I'll be sure she gets them.

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