Sunday, April 03, 2005

Sponge Bob Tired Pants

Well, this isn’t the weirdness I had planned to write tonight. Sometimes things just go wonky. It all started, I think, with the Oreo I gave Orion after lunch. I used to peel the sugar filling off and give him only the cookie. He was perfectly content with that until he got wise to the filling. I was busy, so succumbed to the whining and gave him the whole thing.
Needless to say, his afternoon naptime was spent climbing over the sofa and caroming down the halls at full tilt on his trike.
He passed out mid-climb at about eight-thirty in the evening. By ten, I figured he was out for the night and carried him to his bed.
Now it’s 1:20 AM, he’s wide awake and insisting that it’s morning, no matter that I pointed out the unwavering shade of pitch black outside every window.
So here we are, watching Sponge Bob episodes on DVD. I made him scrambled eggs with cheese, hoping the full tummy would help him settle down again. He refuses to touch them. They’re sure doing the job for me.
Patrick just taunted, “Liar, liar, plants for hire.”
For pure silliness and fun, you just can’t beat Sponge Bob.
I’ve been busy. I watch The Daily Show, Real Time / Bill Maher, SpongeBob and up until last Sunday, Carnivale. I don’t think I’ve watched a series since Firefly. The ones I like usually get fucking canceled.
That damned Clancy Brown. If there’s anything I can’t resist, it’s an evil, good-looking man in a cassock and collar. But then I hear, in my head, “Ohhhhh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea….” Hey, the guy works. Good on ‘im.
I’m a little concerned after seeing the season finale. In the universe in my head, this last episode would have ended the story and resolved everything. Fin. Or, if there had to be a next season, let it be another carnival troupe, in another time period, another place, e.g. medieval England, or some future setting--- entirely new story.
I may be still affected by the assault on my brain by The Ring II. I really despise seeing something of quality dirtied by greedy milking of an idea that should have been left the hell alone. Practically every sequel ever made qualifies for this hate.
I’ll work on the Neil sculpture on Monday. I told him I would, so I will.
I’m rambling now. Time to stop typing. Orion just put his head down. Sponge Bob is even funnier when viewed sideways, apparently.
Pete just came home in his show blacks, looking like he has a story to tell. He does, something involving Three Tenors and a kabuki. This might be good.
I’m exhausted. Perhaps I should have an Oreo.


Anonymous said...

Having become a blog junkie as of late, I am constantly startled when, reading a strangers thoughts, I find them so familiar. Having said that: 1.)Thank you for the Clancy Brown remark. I am afraid it was the Highlander movie for me, where was a homicidal Russian immortal. (I can't help it - I guess homicidal Russians are sexy); and 2.) I feel I must post a reply to the dialog regarding threes. I can't say that the number three is particularly significant to me (that would be the number 13), but I can tell you that I was in my teens before I realized that not everyone thought of numbers as having personalities, or genders. I don't know why, but as a child it went without saying that, for example, the #1 was a boy, but 2 was a girl, who was friends with 3, who was also a girl, but who had a little crush on 4, who was a boy, whose brother was 5, etc., etc. (For the record, I am not crazy - I have a job, and a driver's license and a voter's registration card and everything....) Just thought you would like to know.

P.S., I got the Neil Rat from a friend for Christmas, and I can honestly say it is my favorite rat sculpture.


Anonymous said...

I miss Firefly too. I know what you mean about the good shows.

I wandered over via Neil's blog by the way.


Anonymous said...

Orion sounds a lot like my son at that age. We had a similar incident in which a Dr. prescribed Claratin telling us to be careful-- it might make him sleepy. It had the opposite effect.

I, also, miss Firefly.

Found your blog through Mr Gaimen's blog. It's so nice to finally see pictures of your work.