Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday - full dry-brushed angel

Now, as they say in the South, we are cookin' with gas. So tell me. If the intensity I feel, connected to my past memory of this image, isn't evident to the viewer, does it manifest itself in some other way? I mean, does the viewer feel any undefined emotion which he/she self-defines?


Nick Danger said...

I see two things. First, The angel is struggling to break free of the backgroung. Second the backgroung is pulling/compelling her back. I feel like I'm "cheering for" the angel. And I feel like I'm watching so I can see her fail. I don't know if that sounds stupid or not but I'm stickin to it.

Nick Danger said...


how did I do that twice??

lisa said...

MissBliss: Thanks. I'll be interested to hear your pov after the whole thing is done.

Nick: I'll be interested in yours too. Hope you check back in. I visited your site. Why you did that twice? It's just a possibility, but you might want to consider this age-old wisdom: write high, post sober

Troy Avenue Player said...

Looks good but, try a wash on the next piece. Dry brushing does not work on every piece. Sometime you get too much contrast.