Friday, April 15, 2005


If you dribble hot glue over very cold water, interesting effects happen. If you dribble hot glue over shapes in ice, weirder things happen.


ravyn said...

Okay i started to tell you something about this the other day, but we got off on a tangent, heh.

The documentaries included with the Extended Edition of Return of the King talk about a polymer that they used to make the spiderwebs in Shelob's lair. It had to be heated in a deep fryer to 220 deg F in order to work properly (but it burst into flames at 222 deg!), and they did the same thing you did, dribbled it into a huge sink full of water. Once it cooled, they brought it out and stretched it across the set and it looked like this really cool, sticky, bouncy spiderweb.

Hmm i just had a thought.... How pliable is that glue? Have you used it on any pieces? What about when you dribble it on ice? Can you get water effects like you have on the Neil sculpture...... just thinking out loud here, hehe.....

lisa said...

It's very pliable, so I don't use it directly on sculpture----or haven't yet. I'm not sure about how long it would last. I haven't tried it yet, but am thinking of casting some of the designs in resin. If I do that, and pull the resin cast out at just the right moment I could fold it into the shape I wanted. It would definitely take some practice. If I do some, I'll post about it and we'll figure it out together.