Friday, April 01, 2005

Lisa: When did you first realize that you were an artist?
Dagmara: I do not often consider myself an artist. I feel compelled to create, and to complete the creation in the best way I can, but that applies to every craftsman, I suppose, and it’s ruling my everyday life as well. I started drawing as a very small child and continued to do it my whole life, and, since I can remember, the world always was offering something beautiful to look at and feed upon. So, in terms of creativity and sensibility, I may always have been an artist. I’m not sure if that’s a distinction, though. “Art” is a word whose meaning gets more and more obfuscated, and my personal interests and definitions shift every few years. In general, I would demand from an artist an utter and complete devotion to his work and a fully developed artistic consciousness, a knowledge of what he or she is doing, why is he doing it and what impact will it have upon a spectator. Sometimes I rise up to these conditions. Sometimes I don’t.

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