Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday - favorite photo of the day, I think

I start to bring the textures out with dry-brushing. Imagine about 80 degrees F, Bad Religion playing (rather loudly) two fans blowing and you're right here with me. I'm thinking about these angels. Why I do them and what I experience during the making. I wonder if any of that comes through. I'm the only one who can attach the source vision to each one, or the experience of the process. I keep thinking I might do one on site at a convention, or document one on film. Still, I don't know what that would do.


Carl V. Anderson said...

Either one of those ideas, or both, would be a really amazing experience to witness!

ravyn said...

Something i wanted to say, that i didn't get to mention to you earlier.

Whatever final form this angel takes (in terms of being painted), this image should stand alone as a piece of art in and of itself. It has a light/dark contrast going on that tells its own story... at least to me it does. It feels like a painting. In fact, i think i'd like to put that onto the web site :-)

lisa said...

CarL: I would like to do a 'performance' piece at a convention. I can't do it when I'm guesting because I wouldn't be available during the con. I haven't done it at cons where I'm not a guest because at the moment I can't afford it. I'm not worried. Eventually I'll find a venue and some funding for it. Maybe later I'll post about it and ask readers to help me find one.
Ravyn: Thanks! I like this one too, enough to save it for the art book. The photograph is ever so much better than it shows on the screen.