Friday, April 01, 2005

Lisa: What is your favorite medium, and why?
Dagmara: It changes constantly. Computer and oil, I’d say now, though sometimes I find it a bit to easy to consider it work. Drawing is hard. Painting with acrylics and watercolours is hard. They’re a challenge, and I’m still struggling to find the ultimate method. You can’t take a shortcut that would eliminate the necessary manual skills. I guess that’s why I enjoy graphic design so much – it happens almost entirely in your mind. Encoding web sites is fun, it comes in mathematical terms and clear rules have to be followed in order to create. It’s very relaxing. And oil painting, on canvas, is pure pleasure. I can spend weeks with an oil painting and don’t get impatient. Come to think now, it might be the most important part of my creative work. The one that comes closest to art as defined above. I only do a few oil paintings a year.

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