Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Day 96

Soosi rests her chest on the sugar jar. She ignores my nudges. She refuses to budge. She answers my demands with mrrrr and some stink eye. Will I have sugar in my coffee? Who will win this battle of wills? I will. With my handy greater strength and opposable thumbs. Yay me. Orion is reflected in the faucet. And he watches this drama with sleepy morning eyes, wishing it to end quickly so he can reach the cereal. And I realize how tall he is and that he was one when we moved into this house and today, that was yesterday.
Exhausted from hiding our things, blocking us and causing other general chaos, she covers her eyes and sleeps.

Outside the clouds make soft light with few shadows. It makes a good place for the posable poppets to play. These are the prototypes.

The red one is felted, the black is sewn in leather.

And there is the little poppet puppet.

Morning light is good. I'm glad I got up early to enjoy it today.


Melissa P said...

Strangely, the textile poppets have been in my imaginings for months. (Although they were dressed in organzas and velvets with earthy aubergines and greens.) Poppets can be like that, I guess. Traveling around in the creative ether before they reach you for their final materializing.

I love Soosi's pose on the sugar jar. So perfectly feline.

crydwynn said...

Poseable poppets are awesome. I especially like the leather.

And I like your cat. She's nutty.

lisa said...

Melissa P: Poppets are indeed like that. Art, through history, seems prescient to science. I hope to have some in great fabrics too. I'm liking these prototypes.

crydwynn: she is such a nut. never met a nuttier cat. I like the leather too. These are great fun.